WELCOME TO MY BLOG. Please join me in my art journey in the FLORAL GALLERY and the VARIETY GALLERY. Our time is precious so this will not be a daily diary, but updates when I have painted a piece that I hope will be worthy of sharing with you. I will attempt to share some of my art experiences with you, but generally will expect the art to speak for itself. Enjoy!!

About Me

Never imagined writing a bio (a book maybe..), but here goes:   Born in  Asheville, North Carolina and enjoyed the typical wonderful free type of childhood growing up walking or biking all over the area and loving Elvis!!  You know when something impacts you so you always remember it?  I had that with my art beginnings.  Won 1st prize, $1.00, in the local newspaper coloring contest at 6 years of age.  In school Crayola was the bait and fingerpaints the hook.  And hooked I was, even volunteering to be the art editor in our mock newspaper in the second grade, continuing all possible art studies throughout school.  North Carolina served as an especially beautiful place to develop an appreciation for nature, people, life and art!

Fast forward to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where my husband and I were busy working and bringing up our two children.  We also loved biking the Rails to Trails in 3 surrounding states.  Once the kids graduated from college and still working, I signed up for basic watercolor classes with Barbara Keiser in Dillsburg, PA.  Afterwards I joined the Mechanicsburg Art School and Galleries, studying a few sessions with Barbara Buer (indoors)  and Earl Blust (en plein aire).  There, in 1997, I was invited into a group (named Imagine) of seven experienced artists who were most generous to take me, the new kid on the block, under their wings.  Those were wonderful learning years.  Thank you, Imagine!

As time goes on, we find ourselves retired in Poinciana, Florida, living 45 minutes from our daughter's family & first granddaughter.  The downside to that is just yesterday, we had a grandson born - but in Pennsylvania.  We are excited to hold him in our arms.   I continue to be active in the arts belonging to the Solivita Artisan Guild, the Painters' Club, and Central Florida Watercolor Society.  I also am a member of an international art forum, Painting Friends where we teach and inspire each other - we also have lots of fun! For the future, I am excited about the opportunity to learn and expand my art skills in the picturesque state of Florida.